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Editing / Post Production

It probably goes without saying that we provide complete in studio editing services as an integral part of our event coverage packages.  What you may not realize, is that we've been involved in editing and postproduction projects they go far beyond your standard fare.  As an example, here's the trailer for a feature film we edited entitled The 18 Month Window.

In addition to multi-camera editing in standard or high-definition, we provide all of the sundries you would expect to make your project look and sound great, including :

  • Color correction
  • custom audio synchronization (critical to projects involving coverage of live concerts or other performances)
  • custom or library background music
  • integration of still photography (animated, "Ken Burns" style)
  • motion graphics
  • 3-D animation
  • logo design
  • DVD designed and authoring
  • duplication and distribution

In short, whatever it takes to make your project look and sound superb, and present you in the best possible light - those of the skills we've spent years mastering and we look forward to putting our talents to work for you.

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